Compiled by Dan Preston, Editor, The Papers of James Monroe

1758 (April 28): Born at Monroe Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia

1774: Entered the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

1776: Became an officer in the Continental Army, during the American Revolution

1777: Wounded in the shoulder at the Battle of Trenton

1777: Made an Aide to General William Alexander, Lord Stirling

1780: Appointed Military Commissioner from Virginia by Governor Thomas Jefferson

1780: Law student under the tutelage of Governor Jefferson

1782: Chosen to the Virginia General Assembly and its Executive Council

1783: Member of the Confederation Congress of the United States (for 3 years)

1786: Married Elizabeth Kortright of New York

1786: Moved from New York to Fredericksburg, Virginia

1786: First child, Eliza, was born

1787: Admitted to practice before the Court of Chancery, Court of Appeals and the General Court; chosen to Fredericksburg’s Common Council and as a trustee of the Fredericksburg Academy

1787: Chosen again to the Virginia General Assembly

1788: Chosen to represent Spotsylvania County, Virginia at the Virginia Convention to consider ratification of the new U.S. Constitution

1789: Moved from Fredericksburg to Albemarle County, Virginia

1790: Became a U.S. Senator

1791: Member of the commission for revising the laws of Virginia

1794: Commissioned Minister to France by President George Washington (3 years in France)

1799: Chosen Governor of Virginia and chosen twice more, holding office until 1802

1799: Moved to Highland, his farm in Albemarle County, Virginia

1799: Second child, James Spence, was born

1800: Baby James Spence died

1802: Third child, Maria Hester, was born

1803: Commissioned Minister to France, Spain and England under President Thomas Jefferson

1803: With Robert Livingston, negotiated with the French for the Louisiana Purchase

1804: Went from London to Madrid to negotiate for the purchase of Florida

1806: Commissioned to negotiate a treaty of friendship with England

1807: Returned with his family to the United States

1810: Chosen for a third time to the Virginia Assembly

1811: Appointed Secretary of State by President James Madison (served until 1817)

1814: Appointed Secretary of War by President Madison during the War of 1812 (served until 1815)

1817: Elected fifth President of the United States, inaugurated on March 4th

1819: Florida ceded to the United States

1820: Missouri admitted to the Union under the “Missouri Compromise”

1821: Inaugurated for a second term as President, March 5th

1823: Message delivered to Congress containing the “Monroe Doctrine”

1824: The Marquis de Lafayette received at the White House during his Triumphal Tour of America

1825: Retired from the Presidency and moved to Oak Hill farm near Leesburg, Virginia

1827: Elected to the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia

1829: Member and President of the Virginia Constitutional Convention in Richmond, Virginia

1830: Elizabeth Monroe died at Oak Hill

1830: Moves to daughter Maria’s home in New York

1831: Died at 63 Prince Street, New York City, on the 4th of July, and buried in New York City Marble Cemetery

1858: Re-interred at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia