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Hands-on History Activities 


James Monroe Cipher – Alphabetical and Numerical.               

James Monroe word search.

What Is an Artifact? sheet.

Jefferson Cipher instructions.

Emerging Architects activity.

Hands-on History Hornbook activity.


hiSTORY Videos


My Little Golden Book About the White House

Hornbooks and Inkwells 

George Washington and the General’s Dog 

Let’s Visit the James Monroe Museum

We the Kids 

John, Paul, George, & Ben

Chats with the Curator 


Cameo and Elizabeth Monroe’s Necessaire    

Punchbowl and Sword 

Whale-oil Lamp and Salt Dish 

Cane Topper and Elizabeth Monroe’s Shoes 

Inkwell and Lancet 

Dessert Set and Preserving Family Heirlooms 

Dueling Pistols and Measuring Cup 

James Monroe’s Battle Wound and Vest

Candlesticks and Barometer 

Land Grant, Painting, and Razor 

Bicorn Hat

Furlough Notice

Stoneware and White House China 

Tea Box and Bifocales 


Elizabeth Monroe’s Memo Pad, White House Key, China 

Monroe Minutes


James Monroe Flattens the Curve

A Date with James Monroe

Growing a New Nation 

Monroe: The Revolutionary

Wearing the Revolution 

Purchasing Lousiana 

Maria’s Music 

Executive Decision 

The Death of James Monroe 

Washington’s March 


Elizabeth Kortright Monroe



Monroe Shorts

The Crossing of the Delaware

Napoleon’s Coronation





Papers of James Monroe

Staff at the Papers of James Monroe work with a full range of information in the process of preparing Monroe’s letters for publication. Check out their blog, links to Monroe’s published correspondence, exhibits exploring his personal library and presidential travelspast lectures, genealogical reference information, and much more on their website.






History Packet


Hands-on History Packet for K-5