Young Patriots Corner

Here are a some activities that are fun for kids of all ages – and they just might teach you a few things you did not know about James Monroe! Click on the links below for downloads and projects!

Make Your Own Clan Crest

Did you know that James Monroe’s ancestors were from Scotland? They came to this country in the late 17th century. In Scotland, they belonged to a family group named Clan Munro. Many years ago, every family in Scotland belonged to a clan, and each of these clans had a symbol or crest that identified them. They also used plaid fabrics in different patterns, called tartans, and mottos to distinguish themselves from other families.┬áThis is a picture of James Monroe’s family crest. Click on the links below to find out how to make your own clan crest!


Coat of Arms template.


Design Your Own Presidential China

Visitors to the Museum can see the plates, bowls, cups and saucers that James Monroe purchased to use in the White House when he was the President. These dishes served many important historical figures, including Monroe’s friends Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Almost every president in the history of the United States has chosen a new pattern of china to use at formal dinners and parties. Here, you can see what James Monroe’s china looked like. If you were choosing your own china, what would it look like? Click on the link below to make your design!


Presidential China template.