Collections Research

The object, archival and library collections at the James Monroe Museum are available for academic and scholarly research. Use the form below to schedule an appointment. Drop-in researchers without appointments cannot be accommodated.

Research Request Form

All researchers must fill out and return this form to the Curator at JMM, at least 2 weeks prior to their desired date(s) for an appointment. All research appointments must be made during hours when the Curator is available and on site (generally M-F, 10:00-4:00). No research materials may be “checked out” of the Museum, and therefore all research must be completed during the scheduled appointment(s). The Curator reserves the right to cancel a scheduled research appointment should a conflict arise, but as a last resort only. During an appointment, researchers will be required to use only pencil for note-taking and to wear white gloves (provided) while handling materials. Researchers may use JMM’s photocopier for a fee of 5 cents per page and only on materials deemed able to be photocopied. Researchers may only work with materials that are requested on this form. Any desired additional materials will require another form and another appointment.